Revolver Holsters

Revolver Holsters- A holster holds your firearm when it is not in use and can make it easy to access, conceal its presence, and locate it where you find it most convenient. This article provides an overview of revolver holsters and the range of revolver holsters currently available to you.

What Is A Revolver Holster?

A revolver holster is a storage case for a revolver in which, generally speaking, the gun is inserted muzzle-first and covered/protected up to the trigger. Besides keeping a revolver accessible and keeping it from being scratched or scratching other items, a holster can make the revolver harder to remove by anyone by the carrier. A traditional holster is made of leather, which may be decorated or dyed, but holsters can also be made of other materials, such as ballistic nylon or thermoplastic.

A revolver holster may be open at the back-end with the firearm’s grip exposed, or it may close and secure over or around the weapon. Enclosing/securing the gun in the holster will both make it slower to access as well as providing a higher level of protection from having the gun removed by another person. Holsters are sized for the revolver that they are intended to fit.

What Are Revolver Holster Styles?

There are many different styles of revolver. This section lists some of the main ones, with examples from the US Galco revolver holsters line.

• Ankle Holster- This type of revolver holster fastens around the ankle with elastic and has a retention strap for the revolver. If one is right-handed, the revolver can be positioned on the right side of either ankle, depending on preference. The Galco Ankle Glove includes a sheepskin pad to protect the ankle from the holster.

Belt Holster­- This type of holster has slots to fit over a regular belt or duty belt or may come with its own belt. Though most are closed inserts, some only cover the trigger section of the gun, leaving the muzzle exposed and some are belt packs, which totally enclose the gun. Galco revolver high ride gun holsters leave the trigger guard uncovered.

• Concealed Holsters- There are a lot of concealed revolver holsters. Best Revolvers has listed a few different types of concealed holsters that will fit the best revolvers!   

• Belly Band Holster- Also called a “waistband” holster or a “concealed trouser holster,” Galco’s Underwraps Belly Band is designed for one or two firearms, while also providing storage for other items in pockets. The belly band allows the positioning of the gun for a variety of preferences including right-handed and left-handed draw in either strongside or crossdraw; the small of the back; and either FBI cant (10–20 degrees) or Barrel Forward cant. Another belly band holster that is sold is the Thunderware.

• Inside Pant- Attached to the pants or belts by a variety of methods (Galco uses a snap design in one case and a hook in another) the grip extends above the belt line for easy access. Another variation Galco makes is for a holster to fit in the front pocket, but this only works for very small revolvers.

• SOB (Small of Back) Holster- This revolver positions the revolver on the belt level but at the center of the back. Only certain revolver models can be accommodated.

Other types of revolver holsters include: Fanny Pack Holsters, Gun Purses, and Shoulder and Double Shoulder Holsters.  A lot of these revolver holsters can be found at your local store that sells police equipment.