9mm Revolvers

9mm Revolvers- While 9mm pistols have been responsible for rousting .38 special six-shot revolvers out of police departments, there are a few, but only a few 9mm revolvers that are or have been available. This article gives an overview of 9mm revolvers and lists some of the best 9mm revolvers made.

What Are 9mm Revolvers?

There are three types of 9mm revolvers. There are 9mm revolvers that take 9mm cartridges “natively” that is, they were built for 9×19 rounds. Second, there are 9mm revolvers that become so by virtue of being supplies with a second cylinder that subs in for .357 Mag. cartridges. Third, there are 9mm revolvers that accept 9mm ammunition provided, and only provided, that it is inserted in a half-moon or full-moon clip.

There are a couple of 9mm revolvers in production. They are made by Ruger and Taurus. Smith & Wesson used to make two models, but they are no longer being made. Charter Arms has reportedly been promising one for several years, but hasn’t come through yet.

What Are Some 9mm Revolvers?

Some models of 9mm revolver are not in production, but may be found used if you search carefully for used 9mm revolvers. These 9mm revolvers include:

• Smith & Wesson Model 940 The S&W 940 9mm Revolver was made from1991–1998 with a 1 7/8 inch barrel and from1991–1992 with an optional 3” barrel. It is capable of shooting 9mm parabellum (9 x 19 mm) ammunition by employing either a full- or half-moon clip, which both are used both to position and extract the cartridges. Some brands of 9mm ammunition casings are difficult to extract.

Smith & Wesson Model 547 The S&W 547 9mm Revolver was made from 1980–1985. It some models have a 3-inch barrel, and some have a 4-inch barrel. It has a 6-round capacity and a horn-shaped extractor is used to extract the casings.

Models of 9mm revolver that are currently available from their manufacturers as of the writing of this 9mm revolver article include:

• Ruger Blackhawk Convertible The Blackhawk is a new model single-action revolver that comes in 4 models, two chambered for .357 Mag. and two for .45 Colt. While the two models chambered for .45 Colt have an extra cylinder for .45 Auto, the two models chambered for .357 Mag. have an extra cylinder for 9mm Luger. The two models that take 9mm rounds have a blued finish and a hard rubber black grip with a 6-round capacity. The larger has a 6.5 inch barrel, and the smaller has a 4.62 inch barrel, with overall lengths of 12.38 inches and 10.50 inches, respectively. There are mentions of the Ruger SP-101 having a 9mm option, but that is not borne out on the Ruger website.

• Taurus Model 905 The Taurus Model 905 9mm Revolver is chambered for 9mm and .45 ACP, allowing law enforcement officers to share ammunition between a revolver and a pistol. The Model 905 has a transfer bar that prevents the revolver from firing without fully pulling the trigger. There is also a Taurus Security System, which uses a key to make the weapon inoperable. It is a snub-nosed revolver, having a 2-barrel, and has a 5-round capacity.